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Q & A

How long does sanitization process take?

Vivera Medical Technologies BIOZONE disinfects completely in 15 seconds.

What disinfectant is used for sanitization?

BIOZONE uses 0.42 ounces of Organic Sanitization Vapor “OSV” (Hypochlorous Solution) per person.

What is Organic Sanitization Vapor “OSV”? Is it safe?

Yes! The solution is 100% FDA approved. It has been tested and used over 100 years with no adverse affects. It can be used safely on hair, clothes, body with no problems.

How many people can BIOZONE process per hour?

If you are moving at a non-stop pace, 240 people. However, it is more likely to be about 200/hour as there will be some down time between each body.

How much Organic Sanitization Vapor “OSV” is used per hour?

BIOZONE will use 0.80 gallons of Organic Sanitization Vapor “OSV” per hour.

What is the liquid capacity of BIOZONE and how many days does that equate to?

The liquid capacity is 25 gallons. The machine will use about 1 gallon for 2 days, or 33 to 40 hours per gallon.

How many people can process per day?

In a 10 hour day, BIOZONE can process 2,000-2,400 individuals per day.

Does the thermal imaging take additional calibration between checks?

Thermal imaging through BIOZONE quickly checks for safe and healthy temperature, set automatically with no calibration required. Reduce the risk of workplace transmission with employee temperature screenings.

Why is facial recognition software important?

State-of-the-art imaging method provides enhanced security for identification and verification. Giving you advanced control and only allowing those meeting your health requirements access to your building and business.

Is it safe to use at night?

Waste collection, safe and environmental protection passageway is automatically illuminated for night use with brake universal wheel, easy to stop and move.

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